Supreme Court Statistics

The Statistics

Vol. 137 No. 1 Each year, the Harvard Law Review publishes a series of tables summarizing numerical trends from the Court’s most recent Term. This year's Statistics can...
Election Law Leading Case

Allen v. Milligan

Vol. 137 No. 1 America was founded on ideals of democracy, freedom, and political equality. It was also founded with racialized slavery, and for most of its history...
Taxation Leading Case

Polselli v. IRS

Vol. 137 No. 1 Polselli v. IRS is a tax case. Fear not, keep reading. In fulfilling its duty to collect federal taxes, the IRS has historically received...
Environmental Law Leading Case

Sackett v. EPA

Vol. 137 No. 1 The Clean Water Act is the principal federal water pollution statute. It prohibits unpermitted discharges of pollution into “navigable waters,” which the statute defines...
Constitutional Law Article

Constitutional Remedies: In One Era and Out the Other

Vol. 136 No. 5 “It is a settled and invariable principle,” Chief Justice Marshall once wrote, “that every right, when withheld, must have a remedy.” Not quite. Although some view the idea of a substantive constitutional right without a remedy as oxymoronic, rights to remedies have always had a precarious constitutional status, which the Supreme Court has lately subjected to multifaceted subversion. . . .