Constitutional Law Leading Case

Samia v. United States

Vol. 137 No. 1 The Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause promotes “the protection of innocence,” due process, and fair trials by extending to criminal defendants the right to cross-examine...
Fifth Amendment Recent Case

State v. Andrews

Supreme Court of New Jersey Holds that Compelled Disclosure of Defendant’s iPhone Passcodes Does Not Violate the Self-Incrimination Clause.

Vol. 134 No. 6
Torts Recent Case

Haskins v. 3M Co.

District of South Carolina Holds the Every Exposure Theory Insufficient to Demonstrate Specific Causation Even if Legal Conclusions Are Scientifically Sound.

Vol. 131 No. 2
Evidence Leading Case

Peña-Rodriguez v. Colorado

Vol. 131 No. 1 The jury is a semi-sacred institution in the American legal system. The Sixth Amendment guarantees criminal defendants the right to “trial, by an impartial...