Constitutional Law Leading Case

Samia v. United States

Vol. 137 No. 1 The Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause promotes “the protection of innocence,” due process, and fair trials by extending to criminal defendants the right to cross-examine...
Criminal Law Note

The Occasions Clause Paradox

Vol. 136 No. 2 Introduction The Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA) mandates an enhanced sentence when a felon in possession of a firearm was previously convicted of at...
Abortion Law Foreword

Race in the Roberts Court

Vol. 136 No. 1 When it comes to people of color, the Roberts Court treats “racism” as if it is an objective fact — out there in the world, apparent to anyone who stumbles upon it. The Roberts Court invites observers to believe that it is just using simple common sense when it identifies, or refuses to identify, something as racism.
Habeas Corpus Leading Case

Shinn v. Ramirez

Vol. 136 No. 1 Ten years ago, the Supreme Court held in Martinez v. Ryan that ineffective assistance of postconviction counsel, in an initial-review proceeding, may establish cause...