Criminal Law Leading Case

Johnson v. United States

Vol. 129 No. 1 The Armed Career Criminal Act of 1984 (ACCA) imposes a mandatory minimum fifteen-year prison sentence on predicate felons who have three prior convictions for...
Capital Punishment Leading Case

Glossip v. Gross

Vol. 129 No. 1 In 2008, in Baze v. Rees, the Supreme Court considered an Eighth Amendment challenge to the use of a particular three-drug lethal injection protocol....
Fourth Amendment Leading Case

City of Los Angeles v. Patel

Vol. 129 No. 1 The distinction between “facial” and “as-applied” challenges is a notoriously confusing area of law. Judicial review of Fourth Amendment reasonableness claims, however, has generally...
Education Recent Case

McCleary v. State

Washington Supreme Court Holds Legislature in Contempt for Failing to Make Adequate Progress Toward Remedying Unconstitutional Education Funding Scheme.

Vol. 128 No. 7