Federal Courts

Recent Case: Laufer v. Naranda Hotels, LLC

Did tester standing survive the Supreme Court's curtailment of standing in TransUnion LLC v. Ramirez (2021)? The Fourth Circuit recently held that it did, joining two other appellate courts and worsening an existent circuit split.
First Amendment: Speech

Price v. Garland

D.C. Circuit Holds that Filming in Public Forums Is Subject to Lower Level of First Amendment Protection Than Expressive Activities.

Vol. 136 No. 4
Fourth Amendment

Tyson v. Sabine

Fifth Circuit Holds that Sexual Assault Perpetrated by Police Is Fourteenth Amendment Violation, Not Fourth Amendment Seizure.

Vol. 136 No. 3

Drazen v. Pinto

Eleventh Circuit Holds that Absent Class Members Must Satisfy Article III Standing at the Class Certification Phase for Settlement-Only Class Action.

Vol. 136 No. 3