Recent Publication 128 Harv. L. Rev. 801

Recent Publications – December 2014


The Once and Future King: The Rise of Crown Government in America. By F.H. Buckley. New York, N.Y.: Encounter Books. 2014. Pp. xii, 398. $27.99.

Fighting Westway: Environmental Law, Citizen Activism, and the Regulatory War That Transformed New York City. By William W. Buzbee. Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press. 2014. Pp. xviii, 292. $24.95.

Getting Incentives Right: Improving Torts, Contracts, and Restitution. By Robert D. Cooter & Ariel Porat. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press. 2014. Pp. 232. $39.50.

Inferno: An Anatomy of American Punishment. By Robert A. Ferguson. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. 2014. Pp. xi, 337. $29.95.

Bottlenecks: A New Theory of Equal Opportunity. By Joseph Fishkin. New York, N.Y.: Oxford University Press. 2014. Pp. vii, 269. $35.00.

Constitutions in Authoritarian Regimes. Edited by Tom Ginsburg & Alberto Simpser. New York, N.Y.: Cambridge University Press. 2014. Pp. ix, 271. $34.99.

The Growth of Incarceration in the United States: Exploring Causes and Consequences. Edited by Jeremy Travis et. al. Washington, D.C.: The National Academies Press. 2014. Pp. xx, 444. $74.95.

America’s Forgotten Constitutions: Defiant Visions of Power and Community. By Robert L. Tsai. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. 2014. Pp. viii, 352. $35.00.