Abortion Law

Abortion as an Instrument of Eugenics

Response to Race-ing Roe: Reproductive Justice, Racial Justice, and the Battle for Roe v. Wade
Vol. 134 No. 7 I. Throwing Down a Gauntlet Professor Melissa Murray is right about one thing. Laws banning trait-selection abortion — prohibitions on abortion when had solely...

Energy Federalism’s Aim

Response to Long Live The Federal Power Act’s Bright Line
Vol. 134 No. 4 The Federal Power Act (FPA) has endured for eighty-five years, in part because it does not embrace a single regulatory approach for the energy...
Criminal Law

Kangaroo Courts

Response to Criminal Municipal Courts
Vol. 134 No. 4 Kangaroo courts are seemingly everywhere and nowhere. Legal actors often use this term to describe substandard and defective tribunals across various areas of American...